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Wanted: Enthusiastic MINI Product Advisor! Wanted: Enthusiastic MINI Product Advisor!

Wanted: Enthusiastic MINI Product Advisor!

Position – MINI Product Advisor | Department - New and Pre-Owned
Reporting to – Sales Manager

Responsible for achieving new and used vehicle sales objectives regarding number of units and gross profit. In this capacity you will take floor duty as per assigned shifts, prepare and formulate offers to purchase for management approval, as well process necessary documentation for review.

Job Description

MINI Grand River is looking for a full-time MINI Product Advisor to join the Quinn Automotive Group.

Job Responsibilities

• Attend sales meetings and floor duty as per assigned shifts
• Reports to new vehicles Sales Manager regarding goals and objectives
• Utilize programs such as One-Eighty and input customer data
• Contact customers with lease maturity portfolio 6 months prior to lease expiration and maintain contact throughout process
• Maintain contact with potential leads on a regular basis to generate sales
• Prepare offers to purchase/lease for management approval as well as the necessary process for documentation for review
• Check vehicles for quality standards prior to vehicle delivery
• Explaining functions, warranty, and maintenance to customers upon vehicle delivery
• Follow up on issues or questions from customers after vehicle delivery to ensure CSI is favourable
• Remain current on the automotive business, culture, and product knowledge and understands automotive terminology
• Keeping up to date of incoming inventory, features, and accessories
• Demonstrates new vehicles and test drives
• Participate in programs and events by MINI Grand River and MINI Canada
• Prepare and obtain all necessary documents to license vehicles
• Ensure all necessary documents are available in sufficient time prior to printing of paper work
• Promote a positive professional impression of retail operations
• Other duties of a general or unspecified nature may be required to achieve overall effectiveness of MINI Grand River

Skills and Qualifications
• Prior sales experience is a must
• Excellent closing techniques and skills
• Must have a valid local driver’s license
• Ability to sell a minimum quota according to dealership standards
• Attention to detail
• Automotive knowledge is an asset

All interested applicants, please send your resume and cover letter to: